So what’s this about?

Hello, and welcome to my site.

I will use this platform to discuss all things that I have learnt about finance; whether it be how to save your money, or how to make some more.

I have a BA in Marketing, and an HONS in Business. I have been working since I was 14 years old and just like you, I like to earn money. In this blog, I hope to impart some of the tips I have learnt from my time in College and the working world, in order to help you become successful in watching your balance grow. Here we talk about the practical rather than the pie in the sky. We discuss savings strategies, how to capitalise on opportunities and how to improve yourself so that when that next opportunity arrives – you are ready!

I am very interested in Finance and helping start-up businesses. I have helped several get on their feet through consulting on brand creation, marketing and sales strategies, market research and many other elements. I enjoy the process of establishing a business, I like to think I can utilise the knowledge I have of Business and Marketing and be of benefit to entrepreneurs who are just starting out. I hope to encourage and help more businesses to get up-and-running in the near future.

That’s enough about me – Have a look around and see for yourself how I can help you save some much-needed money, or how to make the best out of your skills, to help you earn more. You can check out my blog here. I will document my various experiences with business ventures as they come here, and will also share anything I learn along the way here.

Until then.



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