Why are so many people obsessed with making money?

From someone who is obsessed with money.



They never had any!

So many people have never had, or grew up poor, or struggled and saw their family struggle. Just like me. So the objective of getting money as a consuming goal is that they vow early on that this won’t happen to them.

As previously posted – Financial freedom = freedom in life. Not just for the individual, but for his family. He wants his kids to have the actual understanding that money doesn’t present happiness. Having “things” doesn’t equal happiness. But it presents freedoms, options and puts them steps ahead of where the parents had to start from. This means that they can get a better education, gain better employment, have a more solid foundation from which to develop ideas and generate their own freedoms.

“Making lots of money” is a common obsession. Making money doesn’t make you happy – but it doesn’t necessarily make you unhappy now does it. I’d rather be the guy “with” and go from there rather than being the guy “without” and trying to just figure out how to pay rent.

Money doesn’t equal happiness. Money equals freedom because it provides options.

Having options is the key.

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