Whittling away your pay

Where your money is really going.


If you are on minimum wage in Ireland, then you earn €9.25 an hour. That’s not an awful lot and yet people seem so eager to give away their money as soon as they earn it. Continue reading “Whittling away your pay”

Save, You Animals!

Why and how you should save.


Most of you reading this, looking for some sort of advice or who are just financially curious, are probably the same people who give away your money, the second you get it. Continue reading “Save, You Animals!”

Lets look at that contract

What you need to know before signing on that dotted line.


Almost any job that is in a career track, at any level, comes with a contract. Here we will look through the basic contract elements, how these affect your end of year bottom line and how to figure out exactly what you should be looking for in a contract for you. Continue reading “Lets look at that contract”

How do I earn money during college?

College isn’t cheap – but you don’t have to be broke.


There are a thousand ways to earn money but it’s a common theme of conversation amongst the more cash-strapped in the population, namely students! Continue reading “How do I earn money during college?”