BSc in Marketing

I undertook my BSc in Marketing from 2008 to 2011 through the Cork Institute of Technology.

The initial base of the degree was business administration, with a third year specialisation. The choice was between management and marketing. Whilst I was initially very apprehensive about presenting to a room full of people, I began to really enjoy it and decided that marketing would suit me more as a result. I enjoyed coming up with creative ideas, presenting them in inventive ways and solving problems for businesses. I believed management was more of a practical subject rather than a taught one.

I believed management was more of a practical subject rather than a taught one.

This was a three-year degree and below I will outline the modules faced in each semester, notes on the modules and any additional information I believe may help.

Year One

Semester 1


Semester 2



Year Two:

Semester 3


Semester 4



Year Three

Semester 5


Semester 6




What I can say without hesitation is that Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) was an amazing place to study, with amazing lecturers who took the time to ensure you were as successful as you could be within the degree and that you were as well as you could be outside of the college. Having studied at another IT within Ireland, having heard numerous stories of other universities and colleges and during the few trips I had away representing CIT, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have transferred to any of them.

If you are considering your options for your third level education then you should give CIT serious consideration as I couldn’t be more thankful for my experiences there.